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Booking Guidelines for Miss Sharon

Please note that I would normally prefer to book a consult with you before performing spellwork of any kind. My rates are $75 per hour and $45 per half hour, and funds should be sent to In some cases (where funds are short for my prospective client) I am able to do a mini-reading to check on whether or not there exists a good chance of success. In this case, the client will pay only for the spellwork (included in this fee are additional "mini-readings", interspersed throughout the process). I keep in close contact with my clients before, during and after the ritual`s completion. This in important-most services collect your money, and if you`re lucky you will get a "form letter" that tells you "everything went well"...and that`s about it. No "personalization", no continued communication (and usually no results either). This is my full-time job. My attentions are not divided.
In speaking of this, I must also say the following: you must be at least as interested as I am in obtaining the best results. It is not necessary to perform a "dual-casting" with me (see below), but you must cooperate with my prescriptions and suggestions. I will give you both magical and "real world" or mundane advice. I will always be honest with you (so many clients lie...don`t they realize that I know they`re lying to me?). All I ask is that you follow directions and keep positively focused.
You may choose to cast along with me, though I will usually give you a "different but similar" spell to perform alongside mine. A dual-casting requires a purchase of supplies, in addition to my fee. Please contact me for further information on spellwork, spiritual supplies, readings and distance-healing.

Please pay for readings & consultations via PayPal- (check off "services").
Western Union and money orders are other options for payment.

Thank you, and I look forward to assisting.

About MIss Sharon

A born intuitive and empath, I was attracted to esoteric and magical studies from a very young age. A bookworm/journalist and a loner, my Dad called me "the little old lady". Somehow I knew, said & did things incongruent to what is expected of the average child.

A connection to the the world of spirit has always come naturally. I displayed these relationships openly. I spoke to my spirits out loud, & sometimes in front of others, but it was not eccentricity or "child`s play" in my case. There`s more enlightenment today, but even still children are often persecuted for being different (in any way), a continuing tragedy. I wondered why family and friends couldn`t see what I did. I played childlike games with my spirits and held my own version of Catholic Mass for them in my small room (that was something I sensed should be a private union, as opposed to generalized chit-chat). But I also discussed whatever was in the daily newspaper with them, too (started reading these @ lunchtime in 1st grade, got into adult reading material in general while very young [this was back when an 8 y.o. could buy a pack of cigarettes...or borrow a book containing "adult themes"]). It wasn`t all fun & games, our discussions,and you could understand why a family ignorant of both paranormal phenomena, and concepts that are commonplace within indigenous religions, would simply chalk it all up to "wow, she sure is an oddball".

A very powerful memory for me involves a tainted spirit, a demon of some sort that embodies one of my very first memories of contact with the other worlds. It was an all too real battle. Everyone thought it amusing that I demanded my mother take her place @ the bottom of the staircase in her La-Z-Boy, just in case ("back-up"). No phony monster this was, but a "thing" that would sit on my chest and obstruct my breathing. It had a smell about it, too. I didn`t know what it was, though I did discover it`s name later...& what that stink was (sulfuric acid) in later years. This one I could not see, but felt it`s evil. I eventually fought it off...being a good Catholic girl, I`d repeat "By the power of Jesus, GO AWAY!!". It was around that time that I got it in my head to perform my own little Mass approximations. One day my parents decided to punish me by not allowing me to go to Mass. I did my own thing, then told them about it later. I still recall both awe (hmm, a 5 y.o. getting the idea to perform her own Mass) & shame in their faces (what kind of way is that to punish a child?...if anything, you should want the kid to go to Mass). My condition of night haints improved after that, and when I was 12 I took Christine as my confirmation name, in thanks to the one who is still my chief ally.

I realized later in life the many names of my helping spirits, and continue to discover others on occasion. My Great Aunt Mariah (a psychic intuitive and "kitchen witch" or herbalist) has been with me from the beginning, as has Papa Legba. All Geminis are favored by Legba, and only recently did I notice that he crowned me with his little straw hat as an infant. Damballah links me to his magic, & has been confirmed by the dreams & divinations of myself and close friends. Marie Laveau was introduced to me formally by Denise Alvarado, but I share with her my (middle) name, a love for esthetics, and other similarities (I wonder if Marie was left-handed like wouldn`t surprise me). I have others in my spiritual family, but I`ll save it for future discussions.

Moving on,a life path of "trial by fire" helped to hone both my psychic abilities, and my unique capacity for tuning into the souls of other people. A serious practitioner of magic (including African-American rootwork) for twenty-five-plus years (and a Wiccan HPS for seventeen years), I`ve only in the last year hung out my shingle, so to speak. That is I have opened my doors, & my heart/mind/spirit, in professionally assisting others towards improving their lives.

My practice of magic or "conjure" is rooted in a multiplicity of indigenous traditions, and it is spiced with new ideas, too. Although I am highly influenced by indigenous African practices, as well as African American folk magic or hoodoo, I draw inspiration from a variety of cultures & concepts,old and new. I don`t feel the need to fit into anyone`s little box of what they believe is the "right way" do anything. While some bicker over inanities, I experiment, apply my knowledge, & find out what works (in improving both my personal "condition" & those of my clients). In this way I follow in the footsteps of both African American rootworkers of old, as well as Witches & magicians throughout the ages. What is important is that a method, blend &/or component works...that, & the fact that it needs to be accessible, "do-able". A practitioner of any magickal system, if introduced to a new modus or ingredient found efficacious, would immediately add it to their repertoire of magic. No questions asked & certainly no angst re: "but is this the way it`s ALWAYS been done??". That said, I honor & respect reputable traditions "as they are" (& again, I draw my inspiration from such). But in my practice I see no need to remain static, never tweaking an idea so that (egads!!) it may become ever more powerful, or simply (God/dess forbid!!) easier for me to carry out. And you know what? I feel the conjurers of old, all of the Wise Women & Cunning Men, I can sense them smiling down upon me :).

After many years of apprenticeship (intensive studies and working for friends & family), I consider myself worthy of the trust others place in me. I admit I was initially wary of the responsibilities inherent to being a public root doctor & Witch. It was through the encouragement of my best friend & business partner, Dr. Denise Alvarado, that I gained the confidence to share what she told me I must-my unique mind, & my capability for changing the lives of others (but on a much wider scale). I will always be grateful to Papa Legba, responsible for bringing me first friendship, & then partnership with Denise. Today we produce a journal of magic & folklore called "Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly" (a publication that has received nothing but stellar reviews, & that friends/fans tell us is "destined to be a classic"). We have many other exciting "irons in the fire", as well (don`t we, Papa Ogun?).

Additionally, it has been a wonderful undertaking, working for others to my fullest abilities. It was the right thing for me to do (thank you again, my dearest Denise). I am available for readings/consultations, life coaching, distance healing and custom spellwork. I also perform "dual-castings" with Denise. The latter is the smart choice for those who are willing to pay for added assurance within the context of a particularly complicated case... though in many or most cases, a casting with myself alone will "do the trick", if you will. However, a catastrophic faux pas that some desperate clients make involves the hiring of a variety of workers, either simultaneously or one after another. They believe that they are "hedging their bets" or buying the most power possible. In reality, they are scattering whatever energies they`ve been attempting to build & send forth. However, hiring two connected workers, most especially a team as synchronized as Denise and I are, has proven to be a smart alternative to "jump around syndrome". Whichever plan you choose, I look forward to working with you :). Please write me at or (be careful, three S`s there, SSS like a snake [appropriate to my birth info-I am a Wood Snake according to Chinese astrology...besides being a left-handed Gemini...think I`ve got something going here ;)!]).

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"Traditional Blood Offerings"-"What to Do About THAT"

Blood offerings are used to venerate and "heat" God`s helper spirits (your ancestral spirits and whatever you call your "spiritual team", i.e. saints, lwa, orisha, avatars, or minor gods & goddesses).

This practice, traditional to indigenous spiritual paths, is misunderstood by the uninitiated. Animal sacrifice is a major reason why religions of the African diaspora are victim to prejudice. People can`t get beyond visions of Fluffy and Fido being tossed into a cauldron whilst chanting "natives" (dressed in feathers and little else) dance about the cruel fire (that and human sacrifice/zombies are all they can see).

Animal sacrifice is based upon cultural systems that emphasize communal unity and the feeding of ancestral spirits, followed by minor deities or "links to the One God". When an animal is sacrificed, it s done for the greater good of the community (or an individual/family within the group, considered an essential to the whole). The spirits feed upon the slaughtered animal`s essence and the community feasts upon it`s corporeal nature.

This event is never random, nor is "just anyone"enabled to do it-it is a special event carried out by a Priest/ess of a certain rank. The animals normally sacrificed are those first world non-vegetarians eat every day-they simply aren`t exposed to "the hard part", or the slaughter.

All of this said, I do not practice blood sacrifice.
Personally, I don`t agree with it. I know the animal has to experience some suffering (in the case of a Native American offering, the wings of a bird must be broken before it`s neck vertebra are severed).
Blood makes modern magicians a bit uncomfortable, aside from practices such as utilizing menstrual blood (in women`s mysteries), and perhaps the pricking of a finger to infuse a magical blend with one`s source of power (or to consecrate a ritual item).

And so I think it unnecessary, within the context of those practicing indigenous religions from a first world perspective. The spirits are given many types of potables, and they will get used to enjoying the "cruelty-free" plentitude you offer them. Again, this is my opinion (and I take my inspiration from Dr. Denise Alvarado and Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman).

Yet I do not deny or disrespect the rights of others in carrying on a tradition, unchanged. Not so long as I continue to consume animal flesh myself (though I actually eat very little in the way of red or white meat...eggs, fish, nuts and soybean products are the way to go, folks...keeps you slim and healthy, too).

And now I get to another undeniable- the fact that a "blood offering" can be very effective in grabbing the attention of a spirit. It heats the spirit, excites them in a specific way. But how to avail myself of this power without cruelty?

You can buy blood at a butcher shop...but not for me.

You can use blood meal from a gardening shop (something I`ve incorporated into certain spells, but not something I`d prefer to use regularly).

But what if you would like to stay away from animal products entirely?
What if you are vegan or vegetarian?

I`ve seen the following gemstones and juices offered as potential substitutes, and they do work well.
They are: garnet, ruby, carnelian, pomegranate, tomato, cranberry and apple cider.

Wine is also an option, of course.

However, I`ve found something that my spirits have liked even better-maguey root.

Maguey root is a Mexican ceremonial herb associated with Mars.

It is mentioned in the Aztec myth of Nanahuatzin,a minor deity at the beginning of time. He became a chief spirit by bringing the Sun to creation. The world was dark and both human beings and animals could not develop without an energy source. After consultation with the other gods Nanahuatzin was chosen to make a sacrifice of the maguey to Huitzilopochtili ("the Left-Handed Hummingbird", the Aztec name for the overriding "One God" or "Great Spirit"). The Gods believed that sacrifice would bring an answer. In making this sacrifice, Nanahuatzin went overboard. He offered not only the reeds of the maguey, but the thorns as well. In doing so he made a bloody mess of himself, and the maguey is now forever tinged with the life essence of a god elevated to greatness through blood sacrifice.

Maguey root (agave tequilana or blue agave) is best known today as a component of tequila. Soaking the root in tequila or agave nectar makes for a wonderful offering, one that well mimics animal blood.

Maguey root can also be found (bottled in the way one can find ginseng root offered at Asian shops) at Spanish botanicas.

Note that this plant is also effective against malevolent witchcraft (sorcery).

Agave nectar is made in Mexico and South Africa, and (like tequila) it contains some maguey root (along with other species of agave). So you will need to purchase the root (as opposed to offering tequila or agave syrup alone).

When making your own blood offering (by pricking your finger) it would be auspicious to use a maguey thorn in doing so.

Give it a try (experiment with all of my suggestions), and let me know what kind of results you receive.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"One of The Best Body/Mind/Spirit Hoodoo Cleansings"

Make a bath of fresh garlic, Palo Muerte, hyssop, wahoo bark, sweet melissa (lemon balm) oil, camphor oil and coconut water. Gather nine pennies that are shiny and new.

Next, in a new or unused glass bottle pour Extra Virgin olive oil to which frankincense, cinnamon powder, rosemary essential oil and eucalyptus leaves have been added.

You will also need a white tea–light or four-inch “chime” candle, incense of sage (a traditional Native American smudge stick works well), and a cast-iron pot. 

Place spring water in the pot and put it on top of your stove. Turn up the burner and bring it to a boil.

Prepare a bath sachet by enclosing the bath botanicals in a muslin bag. Reduce the heat just a little bit and throw the sachet in. Let it brew for five minutes. Allow it to cool down to a skin friendly warmth.

While you are waiting, strip nude and run a warm bath. Take up the white candle and roll it over your body (if using a tea-light, pop it out of it`s tin first), beginning from the crown of the head and ending at the soles of your feet. Use a brushing motion and be sure to cover every bit of your head and body.

Light the candle (put a tea-light back in it`s tin or use the correct holder for a four inch chime candle) and place it by your bathtub.

Now light the sage bundle and waft the smoke around you in the same manner (from crown to soles).

Your herbal concentrate should have cooled by now, so add it to the bath water you have drawn while carrying out these other tasks.  

Add a capful of household ammonia along with the pennies, allowing the coins to settle near the drain. Get in and read Psalm 59 (to be protected from the evils of mankind).

Bathe for exactly thirteen minutes, then get out and allow yourself to air dry.

Finally, dress your body in the olive oil blend. This time work from the feet upwards. You can choose to leave your hair undressed or you can do as I do-leave it in (overnight) by wrapping the head in a white cloth turban (bonus-it`s a great hair conditioner for men and women, this encourages healthy growth while discouraging gray hairs).  

Using plastic gloves (or a paper towel), gather the pennies from the drain and put them in a plastic baggie for disposal later on.

Shower the next morning at dawn, using Chandrika Ayurvedic soap (a very inexpensive but pure soap that is heavy on vetivert, ginger root and other goodies both cleansing and protective…it is very popular with spiritual workers and I use it every day).  

Take the pennies to a nearby crossroads and empty them from the bag (do not touch them with bare hands). Walk away without turning back. 

If under attack, repeat this bathing procedure for thirteen days straight (absolutely no “skipping”).  Use new pennies every day and continue collecting them in the plastic bag. Dispose of them at a crossroads on the fourteenth day (just dump them from the bag or bring along a paper towel to use in handling them).

Shower regularly with the Chandrika soap and dress yourself afterwards with the above oil (or another oil of power and protection). Remember that after you remove the negatives through cleansing you must fill the void left behind (with good).

Hint (to protect loved ones without being obvious)-drain some of the bath into a glass bottle before adding the rest to your bathtub. Keep this in the fridge and when you are able, saturate a white hand cloth with it and simply wipe down a child or partner`s forehead (“Try this, honey, it feels so good!”... they will usually comply).
You can also rub a child or partner with the oil. Nobody will say “no” to a nice massage, and children absolutely love it (kids are enormously wound up and tense these days, and regular massage contributes to better circulation and therefore better health).

Excerpted from my article "Have It Your Way Hoodoo"-"A Witch`s Selection of 21 Favorite Magical Persuasions". 
("Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly" Volume One/ Issue # 2). You can purchase this magazine (created by myself & my business partner Denise Alvarado) at 

“Miss Sharon`s Speculation Wanga (“Super-Charged Gambling Mojo”)

Drill a small whole into a nutmeg and fill it with a small piece of aluminum foil that has been rolled into a tiny ball. Mercury was used in the original talisman but today we are aware of it`s associated dangers. I have found aluminum foil to be a fortunate substitute (or my gambling friends and clients have-I make these for others and they have had excellent results…me, I am not much of a gambler). 

Seal the hole with wax from a green candle and place in a green flannel mojo bag.

Add a John the Conqueror root, a Lucky Hand root, a Mercury dime, a lodestone painted gold or green, Five Finger Grass, the Ten of Diamonds from a pack of miniature playing cards (or the regular version folded down three times), an alligator foot, gold magnetic sand, silver magnetic sand and fingernail clippings (only fingernails for this, no hair and so forth…or toenails!) .

Carry when playing games of chance and feed regularly with “Jockey Club” perfume or sachet powder (the original is still made by Caswell-Massey Apothecary but a recipe for the powder is included below) and whiskey.

“Jockey Club Sachet”:

2 oz. Lavender flowers
6 oz. Rose petals
8 oz. Orris root powder
2 teaspoons Vanilla bean powder
3 teaspoons Ambrette powder( substitute
for 16 grains of Musk )

Reduce the above ingredients to powder
in a coffee mill.

Then add the essence and oils listed
below, and grind/mix thoroughly in a

1 oz. Jasmine essence
80 drops Sandalwood oil
40 drops Rose oil
20 drops Neroli oil ( Bergamot will do
as a substitute for the Neroli )

"The Skinny Bitch`s Rapid Weight Loss Spell"

This is my formula and it is the procedure I give to clients that purchase a weight-loss working from me. Sorry, but I cannot offer the full operation. Weight-loss spells always fall under the category of “dual-casting”, at least to a certain extent (don`t tell me that you expect to be beautiful and/or slim without doing some work). And so this is the regimen in full undertaken by my clients (though only the diet, baths, & gem/flower elixir are compulsory). If you possess a very strong will, this alone might work for you.  But if you require more help (more than "just a few pounds"), please contact me for a consultation. This helps in getting a nice jump start of 7-14 pounds in one week and it aligns you with energies that will help you to maintain that loss.

Note: Always get the permission of your physician before undertaking any sort of reducing diet, especially one that involves a modified fast. Though this diet/fast fulfills nutritional and energetic requirements I do not recommend it be done for more than seven consecutive days. A good idea is to use it as a cleanse once a month,too (1-3 days).


“Internal Cleanse”: Louisiana sugar cane syrup (you can purchase cane syrup made in other countries, but I look for "made in the USA" when I can), seven fresh limes, West Indian pepper sauce, “Five Corners” flower essence (by Australian Bush Flower Essences), one citrine crystal, a yellow apatite stone and purified water.

“Fat-Flushing Bath”: essential oils of juniper, cypress, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, rosemary and lemon; an additional citrine crystal and yellow apatite, Epsom salts. Skip lavender and replace with rosewood if you have a tendency towards getting stretch marks from very fast weight loss.

“Spellwork”:  honeysuckle oil and incense
 one onyx
 juniper oil
white paper
green, red and black ink
 four white figural candles and 3 red ones (choose your sex)
 a clear glass bowl, red and white-tipped pins, scissors, reserved glass water cup, plastic wrap or foil, plastic or latex gloves, a small glass or ceramic dish, a seven ounce jar of lightning water (gathered during an electrical storm), sea salt, a third yellow apatite, Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez prayer card, a purple medicine bag (any material), and the following botanicals ground to as fine a consistency as possible- abre camino, juniper berries, knotweed, self-heal, ginger root, dragons blood resin, and hyacinth flowers.

Begin this spell on a Tuesday during the waning moon.
Using a recycled juice bottle (plastic is fine) create the fasting elixir you will be drinking for the next seven days using the ingredients above.
For every ten ounces of water you will add two teaspoons each of sugar cane syrup and fresh-squeezed lime juice with just a dash of the pepper sauce.
Finish by adding three drops of “Five Corners” essence.
Drink five to eleven glasses of this per day.

On top of this you will prepare a ten-ounce glass of spring water by placing the citrine and yellow apatite crystals in it.  Drink this gem elixir every evening before retiring to bed (sorry, I know this will make you get up to pee more often…it will be worth it, I promise).

The day that you begin this regimen of modified fasting and special baths, perform the following spell at sunrise that morning. Create a spell bowl and fill it with the ground juniper berries, hyacinth flowers, balm of gilead, ginger root, knotweed, dragons blood and Abre Camino.  Add thirteen drops each of honeysuckle and juniper oil. Start this spell with a white figural candle to begin with, and using a red-tipped pin scratch your name and date of birth into the base of it. Dress it with honeysuckle oil and follow with a coating of juniper oil (add extra to the mouth area).
Nestle it in the center of the bowl, surrounded by the herbs.

Place the onyx in the bowl, close to and in front of the candle`s left hand side (not the left side as you are facing it-remember that this candle is you). On the right hand side (same positioning) place the prayer card. We want the wax to drip down upon these objects.
Now draw an approximation of your own figure on the white paper, using black ink.
Inside of this draw a smaller version of yourself in green ink.  Use black ink for the following-inside of the smaller or ideal version of self draw the sigils for both the Sun and Mercury (in the region of what is now your solar plexus, e.g. right below the “belly button”).  Draw the sigil for Venus (again, in black) within your “heart”. And finally add your initials to the doll`s head area.
Surround the entire drawing with flames drawn in red ink.

Cut the drawing out as carefully as possible, following the lines of the flames.
Fold the paper doll in half and place it underneath the spell bowl.
Light the honeysuckle incense and the first candle.
Pray over this using your own words.

Prepare the fasting mixture you will drink throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry.  Pure sugar cane syrup contains a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals (believe it or not). Search "sugar cane syrup nutrients" online for further details. It is a form of grass belonging to the Poaceae family, and it is native to regions of the Old World ranging from tropical to temperate (Louisiana is a major producer in the US). Sugar cane is also a "perfect" or complex sugar that does not drastically raise the glycemic index (blood sugar levels). Yet it still provides the sustained energy your body needs, and it can be used safely by diabetics . We are not talking refined white sugar here. Depending upon how much you drink, you will receive around six hundred to eleven hundred calories a day in liquids.

The citrine/apatite gemstone elixir should be made now as well. Use only the glass you have reserved for this purpose (and allow no one else to use it during the spell).
Add the crystals to purified water and place it on a sunny windowsill for about one hour. Now cover the top with foil or plastic wrap and transfer it to your fridge.

Go about your business until the evening. Keep the bottle of honeysuckle oil with you and sniff it throughout the day to ease cravings and provide encouragement. Fondle (as with a "worry stone") the yellow apatite reserved for the same purposes.
Burn honeysuckle incense whenever you are able for the same reason.

Important note: the crystals used in your bath must never be used in your potable elixir and vice versa.
The third yellow apatite should only be used as toxin-removing/digestion-improving/anti-hunger and cellulite-busting "worry stone". Don`t mix things up!

Should you have the energy (this spell will give you a lot of it!), work out for thirty minutes daily (good old-fashioned walking works well). If you are so inclined, you may add another form of exercise, such as yoga or Pilates. But if you do feel somewhat fatigued you can pass on this. Howeever, do your best to implement a good program of physical activity once the spell has been completed. It is in your best interests and there is a huge bonus-as your body becomes is strengthened so too does your mind and your will become stronger. As this occurs you will find your life improving, most especially the efficacy of the spellwork you perform. You will become far better able to effect change in enhancing all other aspects of  your existence.

 After sunset draw a warm bath and add the oils of lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, cypress, juniper, geranium and lavender (or the rosewood substitution for the latter). Several large scoops of Epsom salts come next, along with one ounce of lightning water.
Add the bath citrine and yellow apatite before you step in.   
Soak for twenty minutes and then air dry.
Drain the tub and clean it thoroughly (every evening).
Remove the stones (as you did with the pennies in our personal cleansing spell, handling the stone while wearing plastic or latex gloves.
Put water in the small dish you have (also) conserved for this specific purpose and add three pinches of sea salt. Let the stones sit in this overnight, until you are ready to make another glass of gem potion the next morning.

Repeat this entire procedure the next day, only you will use a red candle, this time inscribing your identifying information using a white-tipped pin. 

Rotate the onyx and turn the prayer card over periodically (as you burn a new candle each day) so that they will be covered (or partially covered) in drippings by the time this spell is through.

On the third day go back to a white candle and a red pin, and so forth.
On the seventh day you will end with a white candle, just as you began.

Break the diet by eating only raw fruits and salad for three days afterwards.

Remove the paper doll from underneath the spell bowl. Now cut away the outer rim of your former self so that only the figure outlined in green remains.
Place this into the purple hand,along with the wax-encrusted onyx and prayer card (fold the face of the card towards you) and the herbs from your spell bowl. Discard any extras by flushing them down the toilet (trace an artificial crossroads on the toilet seat before doing so...just use your finger to make a cross on top of the seat). 
Carry with you and you will maintain what you have lost.

If you have more weight to lose, this charm should help you to continue progressing.
Continue working both the bathing regimen and the gem elixir, if this is the case.
Keep up with using the “Five Corners” flower essence too, just add it to the crystal water instead of the diet blend.

Follow a balanced diet that is intended for either continued weight loss or weight maintenance.
The gem elixir with ”Five Corners” essence and fat-flushing baths can be used in the maintenance phase, too (as can the honeysuckle oil and incense).

Continue with or implement a moderate exercise program, and enjoy the new and improved you. 
Hint: wearing jewelry of blue agate, yellow apatite, moonstone and/or citrine will further your cause of getting to, and maintaining, a healthy and appealing weight.

Do not forget that others will be fiercely envious of your success .I advise that you make use of methods that will keep you spiritually cleansed and on the right track. Both loved ones and friends will do their best to dissipate your resolve. Do not allow them to interfere with your health and happiness.

Good luck and again, get in touch with me if you need enhanced power in making this work.
I`m starting a beauty blog soon called "Hoodoo Doll", look for more info there.

And keep an eye out for VoodooDomme`s "Skinny Bitch" Oil and related products, coming soon. 

“The Hoodoo-Buster Ritual” (“Destroy the Machinations of a Witch”):

Find an old black candle, dirty and dusty and/or partially used.
Additionally, you will need coffee beans, a snake shed, blackberry leaves, devil`s shoestring, graveyard dirt, a stapler, “Sorceror`s Bane” oil (recipe given below), raw bread dough, a length of black string, an image of a stereotypical witch (a photo or drawing), a metal coffee can, a double burner, a candle wick, two  knitting needles, the 6th Pentacle of Saturn, an enamel tray and ice cold water.

Melt the old candle over a low flame, using a double burner.
While waiting for the wax to liquefy, grind together devil`s shoestrings, blackberry leaf, graveyard dirt, coffee beans, and the snake shed.

Note: I do not always give exact amounts for herbs and such in my spells, even in recipes. Tastes vary as do container sizes. For this spell I would say use a teaspoon of each botanical or curio.  In the case of this handmade candle you do not want to use so much that the entire candle catches fire and burns improperly (not to mention it becoming an extreme fire hazard).  To avoid this problem some advise using “just a pinch” of such materials-a pinch will still give you the full essence of the particular component`s spirit or power source. Denise and I prefer to use an amount that is somewhere in the middle, as we would prefer to pack as much “punch” as possible into our oils, candles, and so forth.

Once the wax has liquefied, mix in the blended, snake shed, blackberry leaves, devil`s shoestring, grave dirt and coffee.
Place the image of the witch on top of the 6th pentacle of Saturn and fold. Staple three times. Using the extra knitting needle, push this package down into the base of the candle
Pour in the “Sorceror`s Bane”oil and use a wooden spatula to blend the ingredients.

Mold the raw bread dough into the figure of a human being. Tie the black string about it`s neck (leave it just a bit loose) and put it on a cookie sheet.

Get to work on your candle by making a tiny hole in the base of a small metal can and knot the wick through it. Tie the top of the wick to a knitting needle (or pencil) and rest it horizontally over the rim of the can.  Place in an enamel tray filled with cold water before pouring the wax.
The cold water will cause any small amount of wax dripping from the bottom hole to solidify, stopping up the hole completely.
Pour the wax in and allow the candle to set.

Pre-heat your oven to three hundred degrees and place the dough bruja (witch) within.
As it bakes the string will tighten around it`s neck, strangling (or even beheading) it (if it is beheaded, that`s a lucky sign).

Remove the bread poppet from the oven and dress lightly in oil. Position it in front of the now ready to ignite candle.

Light the candle and state your determination to be released from all conniving craft that has been sent your way. If you should have a cursed object sent by the sorceror, burn this item in a fireproof dish by touching it to this candle to set it aflame.
If you do not have anything as dramatic as a voodoo doll, cursing packet  or “hexing ball” to burn, ignite a photo of them (or a name paper.) If you do not know who they are use a name paper ("WITCH").

Once the candle has burned in full, throw the remnants in the garbage (along with the ashes from any cursed object) and immediately remove from your home.

Transport the bread figure (dismembered or not) to an area where birds are regularly fed.  
Pick it apart slowly, throwing each chunk to the hungry birds. The power of the one who would interfere with your life has now been destroyed. Savor the moment and know that your will is once again completely your own.

“Sorceror`s Bane” Oil”:
 Powdered iron
Bat`s blood oil
Fennel oil
Cactus spines
Rowan wood
African Violet petals
Elder berries