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About MIss Sharon

A born intuitive and empath, I was attracted to esoteric and magical studies from a very young age. A bookworm/journalist and a loner, my Dad called me "the little old lady". Somehow I knew, said & did things incongruent to what is expected of the average child.

A connection to the the world of spirit has always come naturally. I displayed these relationships openly. I spoke to my spirits out loud, & sometimes in front of others, but it was not eccentricity or "child`s play" in my case. There`s more enlightenment today, but even still children are often persecuted for being different (in any way), a continuing tragedy. I wondered why family and friends couldn`t see what I did. I played childlike games with my spirits and held my own version of Catholic Mass for them in my small room (that was something I sensed should be a private union, as opposed to generalized chit-chat). But I also discussed whatever was in the daily newspaper with them, too (started reading these @ lunchtime in 1st grade, got into adult reading material in general while very young [this was back when an 8 y.o. could buy a pack of cigarettes...or borrow a book containing "adult themes"]). It wasn`t all fun & games, our discussions,and you could understand why a family ignorant of both paranormal phenomena, and concepts that are commonplace within indigenous religions, would simply chalk it all up to "wow, she sure is an oddball".

A very powerful memory for me involves a tainted spirit, a demon of some sort that embodies one of my very first memories of contact with the other worlds. It was an all too real battle. Everyone thought it amusing that I demanded my mother take her place @ the bottom of the staircase in her La-Z-Boy, just in case ("back-up"). No phony monster this was, but a "thing" that would sit on my chest and obstruct my breathing. It had a smell about it, too. I didn`t know what it was, though I did discover it`s name later...& what that stink was (sulfuric acid) in later years. This one I could not see, but felt it`s evil. I eventually fought it off...being a good Catholic girl, I`d repeat "By the power of Jesus, GO AWAY!!". It was around that time that I got it in my head to perform my own little Mass approximations. One day my parents decided to punish me by not allowing me to go to Mass. I did my own thing, then told them about it later. I still recall both awe (hmm, a 5 y.o. getting the idea to perform her own Mass) & shame in their faces (what kind of way is that to punish a child?...if anything, you should want the kid to go to Mass). My condition of night haints improved after that, and when I was 12 I took Christine as my confirmation name, in thanks to the one who is still my chief ally.

I realized later in life the many names of my helping spirits, and continue to discover others on occasion. My Great Aunt Mariah (a psychic intuitive and "kitchen witch" or herbalist) has been with me from the beginning, as has Papa Legba. All Geminis are favored by Legba, and only recently did I notice that he crowned me with his little straw hat as an infant. Damballah links me to his magic, & has been confirmed by the dreams & divinations of myself and close friends. Marie Laveau was introduced to me formally by Denise Alvarado, but I share with her my (middle) name, a love for esthetics, and other similarities (I wonder if Marie was left-handed like wouldn`t surprise me). I have others in my spiritual family, but I`ll save it for future discussions.

Moving on,a life path of "trial by fire" helped to hone both my psychic abilities, and my unique capacity for tuning into the souls of other people. A serious practitioner of magic (including African-American rootwork) for twenty-five-plus years (and a Wiccan HPS for seventeen years), I`ve only in the last year hung out my shingle, so to speak. That is I have opened my doors, & my heart/mind/spirit, in professionally assisting others towards improving their lives.

My practice of magic or "conjure" is rooted in a multiplicity of indigenous traditions, and it is spiced with new ideas, too. Although I am highly influenced by indigenous African practices, as well as African American folk magic or hoodoo, I draw inspiration from a variety of cultures & concepts,old and new. I don`t feel the need to fit into anyone`s little box of what they believe is the "right way" do anything. While some bicker over inanities, I experiment, apply my knowledge, & find out what works (in improving both my personal "condition" & those of my clients). In this way I follow in the footsteps of both African American rootworkers of old, as well as Witches & magicians throughout the ages. What is important is that a method, blend &/or component works...that, & the fact that it needs to be accessible, "do-able". A practitioner of any magickal system, if introduced to a new modus or ingredient found efficacious, would immediately add it to their repertoire of magic. No questions asked & certainly no angst re: "but is this the way it`s ALWAYS been done??". That said, I honor & respect reputable traditions "as they are" (& again, I draw my inspiration from such). But in my practice I see no need to remain static, never tweaking an idea so that (egads!!) it may become ever more powerful, or simply (God/dess forbid!!) easier for me to carry out. And you know what? I feel the conjurers of old, all of the Wise Women & Cunning Men, I can sense them smiling down upon me :).

After many years of apprenticeship (intensive studies and working for friends & family), I consider myself worthy of the trust others place in me. I admit I was initially wary of the responsibilities inherent to being a public root doctor & Witch. It was through the encouragement of my best friend & business partner, Dr. Denise Alvarado, that I gained the confidence to share what she told me I must-my unique mind, & my capability for changing the lives of others (but on a much wider scale). I will always be grateful to Papa Legba, responsible for bringing me first friendship, & then partnership with Denise. Today we produce a journal of magic & folklore called "Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly" (a publication that has received nothing but stellar reviews, & that friends/fans tell us is "destined to be a classic"). We have many other exciting "irons in the fire", as well (don`t we, Papa Ogun?).

Additionally, it has been a wonderful undertaking, working for others to my fullest abilities. It was the right thing for me to do (thank you again, my dearest Denise). I am available for readings/consultations, life coaching, distance healing and custom spellwork. I also perform "dual-castings" with Denise. The latter is the smart choice for those who are willing to pay for added assurance within the context of a particularly complicated case... though in many or most cases, a casting with myself alone will "do the trick", if you will. However, a catastrophic faux pas that some desperate clients make involves the hiring of a variety of workers, either simultaneously or one after another. They believe that they are "hedging their bets" or buying the most power possible. In reality, they are scattering whatever energies they`ve been attempting to build & send forth. However, hiring two connected workers, most especially a team as synchronized as Denise and I are, has proven to be a smart alternative to "jump around syndrome". Whichever plan you choose, I look forward to working with you :). Please write me at or (be careful, three S`s there, SSS like a snake [appropriate to my birth info-I am a Wood Snake according to Chinese astrology...besides being a left-handed Gemini...think I`ve got something going here ;)!]).

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