Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“Miss Sharon`s Speculation Wanga (“Super-Charged Gambling Mojo”)

Drill a small whole into a nutmeg and fill it with a small piece of aluminum foil that has been rolled into a tiny ball. Mercury was used in the original talisman but today we are aware of it`s associated dangers. I have found aluminum foil to be a fortunate substitute (or my gambling friends and clients have-I make these for others and they have had excellent results…me, I am not much of a gambler). 

Seal the hole with wax from a green candle and place in a green flannel mojo bag.

Add a John the Conqueror root, a Lucky Hand root, a Mercury dime, a lodestone painted gold or green, Five Finger Grass, the Ten of Diamonds from a pack of miniature playing cards (or the regular version folded down three times), an alligator foot, gold magnetic sand, silver magnetic sand and fingernail clippings (only fingernails for this, no hair and so forth…or toenails!) .

Carry when playing games of chance and feed regularly with “Jockey Club” perfume or sachet powder (the original is still made by Caswell-Massey Apothecary but a recipe for the powder is included below) and whiskey.

“Jockey Club Sachet”:

2 oz. Lavender flowers
6 oz. Rose petals
8 oz. Orris root powder
2 teaspoons Vanilla bean powder
3 teaspoons Ambrette powder( substitute
for 16 grains of Musk )

Reduce the above ingredients to powder
in a coffee mill.

Then add the essence and oils listed
below, and grind/mix thoroughly in a

1 oz. Jasmine essence
80 drops Sandalwood oil
40 drops Rose oil
20 drops Neroli oil ( Bergamot will do
as a substitute for the Neroli )

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