Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“The Hoodoo-Buster Ritual” (“Destroy the Machinations of a Witch”):

Find an old black candle, dirty and dusty and/or partially used.
Additionally, you will need coffee beans, a snake shed, blackberry leaves, devil`s shoestring, graveyard dirt, a stapler, “Sorceror`s Bane” oil (recipe given below), raw bread dough, a length of black string, an image of a stereotypical witch (a photo or drawing), a metal coffee can, a double burner, a candle wick, two  knitting needles, the 6th Pentacle of Saturn, an enamel tray and ice cold water.

Melt the old candle over a low flame, using a double burner.
While waiting for the wax to liquefy, grind together devil`s shoestrings, blackberry leaf, graveyard dirt, coffee beans, and the snake shed.

Note: I do not always give exact amounts for herbs and such in my spells, even in recipes. Tastes vary as do container sizes. For this spell I would say use a teaspoon of each botanical or curio.  In the case of this handmade candle you do not want to use so much that the entire candle catches fire and burns improperly (not to mention it becoming an extreme fire hazard).  To avoid this problem some advise using “just a pinch” of such materials-a pinch will still give you the full essence of the particular component`s spirit or power source. Denise and I prefer to use an amount that is somewhere in the middle, as we would prefer to pack as much “punch” as possible into our oils, candles, and so forth.

Once the wax has liquefied, mix in the blended, snake shed, blackberry leaves, devil`s shoestring, grave dirt and coffee.
Place the image of the witch on top of the 6th pentacle of Saturn and fold. Staple three times. Using the extra knitting needle, push this package down into the base of the candle
Pour in the “Sorceror`s Bane”oil and use a wooden spatula to blend the ingredients.

Mold the raw bread dough into the figure of a human being. Tie the black string about it`s neck (leave it just a bit loose) and put it on a cookie sheet.

Get to work on your candle by making a tiny hole in the base of a small metal can and knot the wick through it. Tie the top of the wick to a knitting needle (or pencil) and rest it horizontally over the rim of the can.  Place in an enamel tray filled with cold water before pouring the wax.
The cold water will cause any small amount of wax dripping from the bottom hole to solidify, stopping up the hole completely.
Pour the wax in and allow the candle to set.

Pre-heat your oven to three hundred degrees and place the dough bruja (witch) within.
As it bakes the string will tighten around it`s neck, strangling (or even beheading) it (if it is beheaded, that`s a lucky sign).

Remove the bread poppet from the oven and dress lightly in oil. Position it in front of the now ready to ignite candle.

Light the candle and state your determination to be released from all conniving craft that has been sent your way. If you should have a cursed object sent by the sorceror, burn this item in a fireproof dish by touching it to this candle to set it aflame.
If you do not have anything as dramatic as a voodoo doll, cursing packet  or “hexing ball” to burn, ignite a photo of them (or a name paper.) If you do not know who they are use a name paper ("WITCH").

Once the candle has burned in full, throw the remnants in the garbage (along with the ashes from any cursed object) and immediately remove from your home.

Transport the bread figure (dismembered or not) to an area where birds are regularly fed.  
Pick it apart slowly, throwing each chunk to the hungry birds. The power of the one who would interfere with your life has now been destroyed. Savor the moment and know that your will is once again completely your own.

“Sorceror`s Bane” Oil”:
 Powdered iron
Bat`s blood oil
Fennel oil
Cactus spines
Rowan wood
African Violet petals
Elder berries


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