Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Divination of the White Rose"

“Divination of the White Rose” (“To Silence those Pesky Divination Doubts”):
Use this spell to re-confirm what your intuition and/ or divinatory efforts have told you about any situation. It can also be used to choose from three (or more) instigators who could be involved in a predicament you are dealing with.
First take a divination-friendly bath that also possesses properties of uncrossing (all recipes below). Dress yourself in “Spirit Channel” oil. 
Place a fresh white rose with green leaves into a vase.
Method one: cut parchment paper into 3 squares. In red ink write “true” on the first, “false” on the second, and “grey area” on the third. These will be used to establish whether your feelings about the matter at hand are correct.

Method two: the same as method one except that you will create name papers, each inscribed with the names of potential culprits you are observing. In this case use as many leaves as there are names.
Dress a silver candle with oil and light this along with “Abra-Melin” incense.  Position the paper or parchment squares in front of the candle & incense.

Remove the rose from it`s vase for a moment and smoke it in the incense  (it is best to use powdered incense for billowing clouds of smoke).

Replace it in the vase and take up the first slip of paper. Smoke it in the incense for a moment, and return to it`s arrangement in front of the candle. Repeat with the last two (or more) squares.  Pluck three (or more) green leaves from the rose and position one on top of each paper using clear tape to hold them in place.

Do not water the rose-simply leave it to die. Once it has been dead for three days take a look at the leaves taped to the parchment cuttings. The leaf that appears greenest or the most alive will reveal your answer.
Note: If you end up getting “grey area” at the finish of this spell you will obviously need to re-think the results of your divination and try this spell again later.  If you still cannot divine a clear picture of your situation consult a professional practitioner (often it is easier for another to shed light on our issues since they are emotionally removed and can be more objective).
“Abra-Melin” Incense:
Copal resin
Cascara Sagrada
Cinnamon bark or leaf
Galangal essential oil
Myrrh essential oil
“Spirit Channel”: Oil:
Jasmine oil
Hibiscus oil
Archangel root (angelica)
Place a piece of star anise in the bottle (a whole one in a "master bottle").

“Divination and Uncrossing Bath”:
Ground coffee beans
Three cinnamon sticks
Lavender oil
Three stalks of Yarrow

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