Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"One of The Best Body/Mind/Spirit Hoodoo Cleansings"

Make a bath of fresh garlic, Palo Muerte, hyssop, wahoo bark, sweet melissa (lemon balm) oil, camphor oil and coconut water. Gather nine pennies that are shiny and new.

Next, in a new or unused glass bottle pour Extra Virgin olive oil to which frankincense, cinnamon powder, rosemary essential oil and eucalyptus leaves have been added.

You will also need a white tea–light or four-inch “chime” candle, incense of sage (a traditional Native American smudge stick works well), and a cast-iron pot. 

Place spring water in the pot and put it on top of your stove. Turn up the burner and bring it to a boil.

Prepare a bath sachet by enclosing the bath botanicals in a muslin bag. Reduce the heat just a little bit and throw the sachet in. Let it brew for five minutes. Allow it to cool down to a skin friendly warmth.

While you are waiting, strip nude and run a warm bath. Take up the white candle and roll it over your body (if using a tea-light, pop it out of it`s tin first), beginning from the crown of the head and ending at the soles of your feet. Use a brushing motion and be sure to cover every bit of your head and body.

Light the candle (put a tea-light back in it`s tin or use the correct holder for a four inch chime candle) and place it by your bathtub.

Now light the sage bundle and waft the smoke around you in the same manner (from crown to soles).

Your herbal concentrate should have cooled by now, so add it to the bath water you have drawn while carrying out these other tasks.  

Add a capful of household ammonia along with the pennies, allowing the coins to settle near the drain. Get in and read Psalm 59 (to be protected from the evils of mankind).

Bathe for exactly thirteen minutes, then get out and allow yourself to air dry.

Finally, dress your body in the olive oil blend. This time work from the feet upwards. You can choose to leave your hair undressed or you can do as I do-leave it in (overnight) by wrapping the head in a white cloth turban (bonus-it`s a great hair conditioner for men and women, this encourages healthy growth while discouraging gray hairs).  

Using plastic gloves (or a paper towel), gather the pennies from the drain and put them in a plastic baggie for disposal later on.

Shower the next morning at dawn, using Chandrika Ayurvedic soap (a very inexpensive but pure soap that is heavy on vetivert, ginger root and other goodies both cleansing and protective…it is very popular with spiritual workers and I use it every day).  

Take the pennies to a nearby crossroads and empty them from the bag (do not touch them with bare hands). Walk away without turning back. 

If under attack, repeat this bathing procedure for thirteen days straight (absolutely no “skipping”).  Use new pennies every day and continue collecting them in the plastic bag. Dispose of them at a crossroads on the fourteenth day (just dump them from the bag or bring along a paper towel to use in handling them).

Shower regularly with the Chandrika soap and dress yourself afterwards with the above oil (or another oil of power and protection). Remember that after you remove the negatives through cleansing you must fill the void left behind (with good).

Hint (to protect loved ones without being obvious)-drain some of the bath into a glass bottle before adding the rest to your bathtub. Keep this in the fridge and when you are able, saturate a white hand cloth with it and simply wipe down a child or partner`s forehead (“Try this, honey, it feels so good!”... they will usually comply).
You can also rub a child or partner with the oil. Nobody will say “no” to a nice massage, and children absolutely love it (kids are enormously wound up and tense these days, and regular massage contributes to better circulation and therefore better health).

Excerpted from my article "Have It Your Way Hoodoo"-"A Witch`s Selection of 21 Favorite Magical Persuasions". 
("Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly" Volume One/ Issue # 2). You can purchase this magazine (created by myself & my business partner Denise Alvarado) at www.voodoodomme.com. 

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