Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“Buffalo Ammonia Reversal Jar”:

To turn any situation around, write the problem you are dealing with, along with exactly how you would like the situation to change, on a piece of white lined paper. Tape this to the inside of a clear glass jar with the words facing in. 

Fill the jar with lemon ammonia, cap and shake vigorously. You can also tape a photo to the jar`s interior (also facing in).

Put this in the back of a rarely used closet (I put mine under the sink, behind the pipes). 

Take it out and give it another good shake twice a day, morning and evening.

Once you feel as if you can shake that darn thing no more it is time to dispose of it, and your situation will have altered itself for the better by this time. Any wrongdoing committed against you will be reversed and/or your fortunes will have turned for the better.

Discard the spell by throwing the bottle into a moving body of water. The current should be flowing opposite your position or away from you.

Alternatively, bury it in the earth and throw nine grains of guinea pepper in before sealing the hole. Urinate on top (or dump a bottle of urine you have brought with you from home).

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  1. I intend to use this spell, Just a few questions, I do not have access to moving water or guinea pepper. So would there be any alternatives. Also side note; I am disabled so thing I can do such as burial are limited without someone else knowing.