Saturday, May 21, 2011

Booking Guidelines for Miss Sharon

Please note that I would normally prefer to book a consult with you before performing spellwork of any kind. My rates are $75 per hour and $45 per half hour, and funds should be sent to In some cases (where funds are short for my prospective client) I am able to do a mini-reading to check on whether or not there exists a good chance of success. In this case, the client will pay only for the spellwork (included in this fee are additional "mini-readings", interspersed throughout the process). I keep in close contact with my clients before, during and after the ritual`s completion. This in important-most services collect your money, and if you`re lucky you will get a "form letter" that tells you "everything went well"...and that`s about it. No "personalization", no continued communication (and usually no results either). This is my full-time job. My attentions are not divided.
In speaking of this, I must also say the following: you must be at least as interested as I am in obtaining the best results. It is not necessary to perform a "dual-casting" with me (see below), but you must cooperate with my prescriptions and suggestions. I will give you both magical and "real world" or mundane advice. I will always be honest with you (so many clients lie...don`t they realize that I know they`re lying to me?). All I ask is that you follow directions and keep positively focused.
You may choose to cast along with me, though I will usually give you a "different but similar" spell to perform alongside mine. A dual-casting requires a purchase of supplies, in addition to my fee. Please contact me for further information on spellwork, spiritual supplies, readings and distance-healing.

Please pay for readings & consultations via PayPal- (check off "services").
Western Union and money orders are other options for payment.

Thank you, and I look forward to assisting.

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  1. Miss Sharon was a great help to me. I called on her during a family emergency concerning my sons theift case. She immediately told me the facts and, A few weeks later everything she said was confirmed. Though it was not the first man that came to my mind. It was my sons most trusted friend who wanted to share the cash with my sons lady.Which is what Sharon told me. I have known her and Denise both about a year now. And as someone who has seen them work,I can not wait to become one of their students this fall.They both have all my admiration and gratitude.