Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Handy Hexing Balls"

Light cedar incense before you begin.

Melt a black candle down in a saucepan or pot until it is completely melted into a thick warm consistency.

Stir in valerian (vandal root), blueberry leaves, and owl pellets (hardened owl shit that contains the bones of rodents) ground with devil`s shoestring. (know that later you will need as many bay leaves as you are making cursing balls). 

Allow the compound to cool slightly, then form scoops of the softened wax concoction into balls the size of a quarter. Mold in bits of black chicken feathers as you do so.

Let harden by placing them on a cookie sheet, each one on top of a whole bay leaf and as equidistant from each other as possible. Settle them in a cool area (use your freezer if you have the room).

Once hardened, dress them in cedar oil and roll them in blood meal.
Store each in a plastic freezer baggie with the bay leaf  it “cooked” on.

When ready to use one, take it out and place it on it`s bay leaf.
You can leave it on a “frenemy” or neighbor`s doorstep (or general property), underneath a co-worker`s desk and so forth.

Thy will be done! Enjoy the mayhem that will soon be wrought. 

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