Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"The Skinny Bitch`s Rapid Weight Loss Spell"

This is my formula and it is the procedure I give to clients that purchase a weight-loss working from me. Sorry, but I cannot offer the full operation. Weight-loss spells always fall under the category of “dual-casting”, at least to a certain extent (don`t tell me that you expect to be beautiful and/or slim without doing some work). And so this is the regimen in full undertaken by my clients (though only the diet, baths, & gem/flower elixir are compulsory). If you possess a very strong will, this alone might work for you.  But if you require more help (more than "just a few pounds"), please contact me for a consultation. This helps in getting a nice jump start of 7-14 pounds in one week and it aligns you with energies that will help you to maintain that loss.

Note: Always get the permission of your physician before undertaking any sort of reducing diet, especially one that involves a modified fast. Though this diet/fast fulfills nutritional and energetic requirements I do not recommend it be done for more than seven consecutive days. A good idea is to use it as a cleanse once a month,too (1-3 days).


“Internal Cleanse”: Louisiana sugar cane syrup (you can purchase cane syrup made in other countries, but I look for "made in the USA" when I can), seven fresh limes, West Indian pepper sauce, “Five Corners” flower essence (by Australian Bush Flower Essences), one citrine crystal, a yellow apatite stone and purified water.

“Fat-Flushing Bath”: essential oils of juniper, cypress, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, rosemary and lemon; an additional citrine crystal and yellow apatite, Epsom salts. Skip lavender and replace with rosewood if you have a tendency towards getting stretch marks from very fast weight loss.

“Spellwork”:  honeysuckle oil and incense
 one onyx
 juniper oil
white paper
green, red and black ink
 four white figural candles and 3 red ones (choose your sex)
 a clear glass bowl, red and white-tipped pins, scissors, reserved glass water cup, plastic wrap or foil, plastic or latex gloves, a small glass or ceramic dish, a seven ounce jar of lightning water (gathered during an electrical storm), sea salt, a third yellow apatite, Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez prayer card, a purple medicine bag (any material), and the following botanicals ground to as fine a consistency as possible- abre camino, juniper berries, knotweed, self-heal, ginger root, dragons blood resin, and hyacinth flowers.

Begin this spell on a Tuesday during the waning moon.
Using a recycled juice bottle (plastic is fine) create the fasting elixir you will be drinking for the next seven days using the ingredients above.
For every ten ounces of water you will add two teaspoons each of sugar cane syrup and fresh-squeezed lime juice with just a dash of the pepper sauce.
Finish by adding three drops of “Five Corners” essence.
Drink five to eleven glasses of this per day.

On top of this you will prepare a ten-ounce glass of spring water by placing the citrine and yellow apatite crystals in it.  Drink this gem elixir every evening before retiring to bed (sorry, I know this will make you get up to pee more often…it will be worth it, I promise).

The day that you begin this regimen of modified fasting and special baths, perform the following spell at sunrise that morning. Create a spell bowl and fill it with the ground juniper berries, hyacinth flowers, balm of gilead, ginger root, knotweed, dragons blood and Abre Camino.  Add thirteen drops each of honeysuckle and juniper oil. Start this spell with a white figural candle to begin with, and using a red-tipped pin scratch your name and date of birth into the base of it. Dress it with honeysuckle oil and follow with a coating of juniper oil (add extra to the mouth area).
Nestle it in the center of the bowl, surrounded by the herbs.

Place the onyx in the bowl, close to and in front of the candle`s left hand side (not the left side as you are facing it-remember that this candle is you). On the right hand side (same positioning) place the prayer card. We want the wax to drip down upon these objects.
Now draw an approximation of your own figure on the white paper, using black ink.
Inside of this draw a smaller version of yourself in green ink.  Use black ink for the following-inside of the smaller or ideal version of self draw the sigils for both the Sun and Mercury (in the region of what is now your solar plexus, e.g. right below the “belly button”).  Draw the sigil for Venus (again, in black) within your “heart”. And finally add your initials to the doll`s head area.
Surround the entire drawing with flames drawn in red ink.

Cut the drawing out as carefully as possible, following the lines of the flames.
Fold the paper doll in half and place it underneath the spell bowl.
Light the honeysuckle incense and the first candle.
Pray over this using your own words.

Prepare the fasting mixture you will drink throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry.  Pure sugar cane syrup contains a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals (believe it or not). Search "sugar cane syrup nutrients" online for further details. It is a form of grass belonging to the Poaceae family, and it is native to regions of the Old World ranging from tropical to temperate (Louisiana is a major producer in the US). Sugar cane is also a "perfect" or complex sugar that does not drastically raise the glycemic index (blood sugar levels). Yet it still provides the sustained energy your body needs, and it can be used safely by diabetics . We are not talking refined white sugar here. Depending upon how much you drink, you will receive around six hundred to eleven hundred calories a day in liquids.

The citrine/apatite gemstone elixir should be made now as well. Use only the glass you have reserved for this purpose (and allow no one else to use it during the spell).
Add the crystals to purified water and place it on a sunny windowsill for about one hour. Now cover the top with foil or plastic wrap and transfer it to your fridge.

Go about your business until the evening. Keep the bottle of honeysuckle oil with you and sniff it throughout the day to ease cravings and provide encouragement. Fondle (as with a "worry stone") the yellow apatite reserved for the same purposes.
Burn honeysuckle incense whenever you are able for the same reason.

Important note: the crystals used in your bath must never be used in your potable elixir and vice versa.
The third yellow apatite should only be used as toxin-removing/digestion-improving/anti-hunger and cellulite-busting "worry stone". Don`t mix things up!

Should you have the energy (this spell will give you a lot of it!), work out for thirty minutes daily (good old-fashioned walking works well). If you are so inclined, you may add another form of exercise, such as yoga or Pilates. But if you do feel somewhat fatigued you can pass on this. Howeever, do your best to implement a good program of physical activity once the spell has been completed. It is in your best interests and there is a huge bonus-as your body becomes is strengthened so too does your mind and your will become stronger. As this occurs you will find your life improving, most especially the efficacy of the spellwork you perform. You will become far better able to effect change in enhancing all other aspects of  your existence.

 After sunset draw a warm bath and add the oils of lemon, grapefruit, rosemary, cypress, juniper, geranium and lavender (or the rosewood substitution for the latter). Several large scoops of Epsom salts come next, along with one ounce of lightning water.
Add the bath citrine and yellow apatite before you step in.   
Soak for twenty minutes and then air dry.
Drain the tub and clean it thoroughly (every evening).
Remove the stones (as you did with the pennies in our personal cleansing spell, handling the stone while wearing plastic or latex gloves.
Put water in the small dish you have (also) conserved for this specific purpose and add three pinches of sea salt. Let the stones sit in this overnight, until you are ready to make another glass of gem potion the next morning.

Repeat this entire procedure the next day, only you will use a red candle, this time inscribing your identifying information using a white-tipped pin. 

Rotate the onyx and turn the prayer card over periodically (as you burn a new candle each day) so that they will be covered (or partially covered) in drippings by the time this spell is through.

On the third day go back to a white candle and a red pin, and so forth.
On the seventh day you will end with a white candle, just as you began.

Break the diet by eating only raw fruits and salad for three days afterwards.

Remove the paper doll from underneath the spell bowl. Now cut away the outer rim of your former self so that only the figure outlined in green remains.
Place this into the purple hand,along with the wax-encrusted onyx and prayer card (fold the face of the card towards you) and the herbs from your spell bowl. Discard any extras by flushing them down the toilet (trace an artificial crossroads on the toilet seat before doing so...just use your finger to make a cross on top of the seat). 
Carry with you and you will maintain what you have lost.

If you have more weight to lose, this charm should help you to continue progressing.
Continue working both the bathing regimen and the gem elixir, if this is the case.
Keep up with using the “Five Corners” flower essence too, just add it to the crystal water instead of the diet blend.

Follow a balanced diet that is intended for either continued weight loss or weight maintenance.
The gem elixir with ”Five Corners” essence and fat-flushing baths can be used in the maintenance phase, too (as can the honeysuckle oil and incense).

Continue with or implement a moderate exercise program, and enjoy the new and improved you. 
Hint: wearing jewelry of blue agate, yellow apatite, moonstone and/or citrine will further your cause of getting to, and maintaining, a healthy and appealing weight.

Do not forget that others will be fiercely envious of your success .I advise that you make use of methods that will keep you spiritually cleansed and on the right track. Both loved ones and friends will do their best to dissipate your resolve. Do not allow them to interfere with your health and happiness.

Good luck and again, get in touch with me if you need enhanced power in making this work.
I`m starting a beauty blog soon called "Hoodoo Doll", look for more info there.

And keep an eye out for VoodooDomme`s "Skinny Bitch" Oil and related products, coming soon. 


  1. Note that I switched the flower essence to "Five Corners" (the "Green Rose" I normally would use has been discontinued, but "Five Corners" flower essence is a great substitute).
    "Five Corners" fights self-sabotage and the inabilty to feel good about your body. It enhances self-esteem, helps us to love and accept self & body, increases vitality, and encourages the celebration of our own beauty.

  2. Miss Sharon!! Awesome blog! I am quite interested in your weight loss spells... but I do have one question... can they be done if you reside in a home that doesn't have a bath tub? We have a beautiful shower, but no tub. And where would I find more information on your weight loss spells?

  3. Thank you, Chanson :).
    I`m so glad you`ve asked that question, it`s a great one!
    In this case you can add the EO`s to base of safflower oil, then apply after showering. Be sure to add a pinch or two of Epsom salts to the bottle.
    PS-I can`t recommend Chandrika Ayurvedic soap enough-an easy spiritual cleansing in every bath/shower, AND very purifying (read: anti-toxins & fat), too.
    Good luck & let me know how you do :)!!