Tuesday, May 3, 2011

“Freezer Spell to Shut Down a Stalker or Send Any Nuisance Away”

Obtain a human figure candle according to the sex of your enemy or rival and snip off the wick.

Choose either black or white to represent your intentions. Use black if the enemy is truly hated. Employ white if the matter at hand involves someone with an annoying but not malevolent obsession (in this case you wish them no particular ill but simply want them to go away).

Identify your target by creating a name paper using a small piece of brown paper bag. I save bags from the market for this purpose. Writing petitions and name slips on brown paper grocery sacks is traditional in hoodoo folk magic-for them “necessity was the mother of invention”. For us it still can be, but we also call it being "green“ or eco-friendly. If the target`s name is unknown write “unknown enemy” (or enemies), or “unknown stalker” on a small piece of brown paper bag.  

Otherwise you will call them by their first and last name. You will load this identity slip (along with a teeny pinch each of black walnut leaves, rue, shame brier & holy basil) into the base of the candle using a screwdriver (heated by a lighter to soften the wax). 

Hollow out a hole and reserve the wax you have removed. You will want to re-seal the hole once the candle is loaded.  Fold the name paper down until it is small enough to fit into the space you have created and insert.  Heat or re-soften the reserved wax and seal the hole. 

Note that when you seek to separate from a “thing” (not a human being) a plain black or white candle may be used in this spell, loaded with a petition paper that states, for example, “my unacceptable situation” or “the evil presence that now haunts me”.

Optional: you can also use the Seal of Mephistophilas (to control ones enemies) to load the figural candle. I have used seals written on parchment (in red or black ink) that double as  name papers. Simply write their name on the unmarked side.

Create a bath of Eko brand “Alumbre en Polvo” dissolved in a mixture of water and vinegar (or lemon juice.) Place it in a deep pan that will allow you to fully submerge the candle. Alternatively you can use a plastic Tupperware container that is rectangular in shape & has a snap-on lid.  

Once the candle`s base has hardened again it is ready to be placed in the bath pan facing up.  Remember that the solution should be high enough to cover the candle (add extra water if necessary) by about an inch, but do not fill to the top (three quarters full is about right). 

Leave it to soak for thirteen minutes exactly (use a kitchen timer to be certain), and while doing so recite Psalm 44 for protection from all evil.  Substitute Psalm 59 if you seek to be free of harmful temptations within yourself. Psalm 40 can be used if you believe that unclean spirits are the cause of your vexation. 

Remove the wax doll and wrap it in clear Saran Wrap (plastic wrap), then replace in it`s “freezer bath”. Cover the top of the pan with aluminum foil (again-shiny side facing in).  If using a plastic Tupperware “prison” wrap the figure in foil followed by plastic wrap and replace. Snap the cover back on

Next encase the whole shebang in the black garbage bag securing it with twine that will be tied off in thirteen knots.

Your tormenter is now ready to be buried in the very back or bottom of your freezer.

Bathe in Indigo Water (laundry bluing and water) and Dead Sea salt for a period of seven days afterwards.

Once through say a final goodbye because you will surely never hear from those you have now banished (no, not ever again.)

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